Climate Change

Climate change is a serious and pressing concern. I know that many residents of North East Hertfordshire care deeply about our environment. I am a committed member of the Conservative Environment Network and played a part in producing their Manifesto which can be found here:

26th June -  Oliver attended the Mass Lobby “The Time is Now” where he met climate campaigners and local representatives from organisations such as WWF, the Wildlife Trust and the WI. Photo shows Oliver meeting them on the Embankment at Westminster.

On 10th July - Oliver spoke in the debate on Climate Change advocating measures to reduce carbon emissions from motor vehicles and in the transport sector

8th September - Oliver met local campaigners attending the Extinction Rebellion event at Westminster.

27 September - Link to yesterday's International Climate Action debate

30 September - Doctors demand clean air act to stop thousands dying early.  Video showing Sir Oliver as one of the MPs reading The Times Clean Air for All Manifesto.

28 October - The Environment Bill receives its Second Reading today with additional protections, a new dedicated regulator to hold government to account and improved autonomy for local authorities over their own environment plans. It tackles particulates and plastic pollution. It should also help secure and improve quality of air and rivers.