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I am a committed member of the Conservative Environment Network and played a part in producing their Manifesto which can be found here:  https://www.cen.uk.com/manifesto

My weekly Eco Tip to help you live a greener lifestyle, for the better. 

16th October 2019 - My eco tip this week is to unplug phone chargers when not in use. This saves energy and avoids this 'energy vampire'!

23rd October 2019 - My eco tip this week is to download my Guide to going Green. 

30th October 2019 - My eco tip this week is to make sure your central heating settings are not set above 19 degrees. This keeps costs down, saves on energy and if you are feeling chilly you can always put a jumper on!

7th November 2019 - My eco tip this week is to Download the 'Refill' App and find local water refill stations to cut down on single use plastic water bottles. 

15th November 2019 - My eco tip this week is to plant a wildflower meadow in your garden to encourage pollination.

20th November 2019 - My eco tip this week is to think ahead to the Christmas season and to use real Christmas trees rather than plastic ones. Real trees are the more eco-friendly option, but we must also consider carefully where and how these trees are grown!

27 November 2019 - My eco tip this week is to think about what you are consuming. Switching just one meal to a vegetarian or vegan option can have a substantially positive impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Get chomping on the veg and legumes and give the red meat a break. 

2nd December 2019 - My eco tip this week is to clean green! Think about the cleaning products you are using in your home. The chemicals used in these products might not be friendly to the environment or yourself when both using and disposing of them. Seek more eco friendly alternatives, allowing both you and the environment to benefit! 

11th December 2019 - My eco tip this week is to get yourself a reusable water bottle. Get rid of all this plastic nonsense and get a stainless steal water bottle or container like me! 

18th December 2019 - My eco tip this week is helpful for those participating in a secret Santa, or for that matter anyone purchasing a Christmas gift for someone. Think creatively and instead of opting for bundles of gifts or little stocking fillers get one great gift that everyone will benefit from, including the planet. 

8th January 2020 - Happy New Year all! Now is the perfect time to start your greener lifestyle. I have mentioned before (see my Eco Tip from 27th November) giving the red meat a break on the dietary front, so why not take up 'Veganuary'? Or, become more conscious of the packaging you are buying and go plastic free?  

15th January 2020 - My eco tip this week is to travel responsibly and use public transport when possible. You'll be helping clean up the air as most toxic fumes come from car exhausts. 

22nd January 2020 - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The three R's are invaluable in helping to tackle climate change and apply to a wide variety of aspects of everyday life. Reduce energy consumption by turning off and unplugging phone chargers. Use Reusable Tupperware for lunch boxes. And Recycle your waste in the correct bins. 

29th January 2020 - Are your tea bags eco-friendly? My eco tip this week is to switch to loose leaf tea when making your perfect brew.  

5th February 2020 - My eco tip this week is to grow your own and shop local. Buying local produce and growing your own veg lowers your carbon footprint. North East Hertfordshire is blessed with a vast amount of great local farm shops, such as Pearce's Farm Shop in Buntingford. 

4 April 2020 - As many of us are at home, now might be a good time to think about how to make your garden hedgehog friendly. Become a hedgehog Champion with these great tips from hedgehog street - https://www.hedgehogstreet.org/help-hedgehogs

6th April 2020 - Hertfordshire has a strong mix of woodland, wetland, farmland and urban areas that make up the counties geographical environment. As the science shows, there is an inextricable link between climate change and biodiversity loss. Our special responsibility is to look after and conserve those plants and wildlife that are in abundance within our local area. In North East Hertfordshire, the Pasqueflower, of which the highest population in the United Kingdom is found on Therfield Heath, is one of our special responsibilities. You can see this beautiful flower in bloom, as I do, when taking one brief walk a day across Therfield Heath. Check out the Hertfordshire State of Nature Report. 

16th June 2020 - I wrote an article for Politics Home on how the Environment Bill is an excellent opportunity for the UK to adopt world-leading rules to tackle deforestation. You can read the article here

19th June 2020 - I joined colleagues from the Conservative Environment Network Parliamentary Caucus to write to the Prime Minister in support of a green economic recovery from Covid-19. We would like to see the Government back the green British industries of the future and low-carbon infrastructure projects, such as electric vehicle manufacturing, renewable energy projects, and home energy efficiency retrofits, to bring jobs to all corners of the country whilst also putting the UK on track to meeting its world-leading net zero emissions target. 



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