Road Maintenance and Repairs

We need our Hertfordshire roads to be well-maintained. Our local roads are important for small business and local residents. 

One issue raised with me by Hertfordshire County Council is reinstatement after unsatisfactory road repair work by utility companies and statutory undertakers. I have received numerous complaints of roadworks going on too long and of repairs of an unacceptably low standard.

I am campaigning for local authorities to have more powers to ensure that works are completed promptly and to a good standard. I am also calling for Councils to have the authority to enforce so that utilities and statutory undertakers redo unsatisfactory work within a week.

See my campaign below:

4 March 2015 – I received a letter in reply from the Transport Minister outlining the Government’s position on road reinstatement. It is attached below.

10 March 2015 – I received a response from the Transport Minister to a series of Written Parliamentary Questions I asked about the powers of local Councils to enforce satisfactory road repair work.

11 June 2015 – I received a response from the Transport Minister to a Written Parliamentary Question on the levels of support given by central Government to local highway authorities to maintain local roads.

25th January - Here is a link to my latest blog post on the ongoing improvements to local roads, and a reduction in the number of potholes across Hertfordshire.

1 February 2016 - I am glad that the Government is responding to my campaign with proposals to impose fines on slow roadworks and improve traffic flow. See my press release here.

My campaign on the A507 is related to this issue.

March 2017 - I received the following note from Mark Reeve, Chairman of Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP):

Thank you for your email. With regard to the points you have raised, I can confirm the A10 Cycle Project was discussed at GCGP LEP’s Board in December 2016, and a decision was taken to work with local stakeholders to explore funding mechanisms, including contributions from the private sector businesses that would benefit from the cycle link.  This was also included in the Cambridge and Cambridgeshire Transport Strategy with the Greater Cambridge City Deal being the most likely funder.

April 2017 - I am continuing to support the A507 campaign. I am glad that the feasibility study of A505 safety is now underway and that signage has improved and bushes trimmed back to improve sight lines.

May 2018 - I am taking up a number of concerns about potholes and have recently asked Highways for a full assessment of the situation in the constituency.



March 2015 - Find information about my roads campaign in Watton-at-Stone here.

January 2016 - Since my visit to the site last year, the Integrated Transport Projects Team has undertaken a feasibility study into the issues related to the provision of parking and pedestrian accessibility on Station Road and the High Street, which was followed by a public consultation.

Following a positive public response, a Consultation Summary Report is being prepared, which will formalise recommendations for design development.


Royston High Street

After meetings with Royston WI, Herts Highways, and local County Councillors Fiona Hill and Tony Hunter, Sir Oliver has been pressing for work to improve the road surface. Below is the reply from Cllr Terry Douris, explaining the short- and medium-term measures that will be taken. 

June 2016 - I have received news that funding for the resurfacing of the High Street has been approved for this financial year.

May 2018 - Royston High Street has now been resurfaced, although I am raising some issues about the detail of the work.



April 2019 - I made representations about pot-holes in Bygrave and I am pleased to see that the work to repair them has been done.




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