Press Releases

MP Takes Up Road Safety Concerns in Watton-at-Stone

North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald visited Station Road, Watton-at-Stone with County Council Highways officials led by Mr Burt, County Councillor Ken Crofton and Parish Council members including Chairman Mike Smith, Road Safety Watch Parish Councillor Michael Freeman and the Police were represented by Sergeant Duncan Wallace.

Heald: Meridian “on the march” after good OFSTED

NE Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald attended the press conference today to unveil Meridian School’s latest OFSTED Report, which gave the school a “Good” rating in all categories and inspectors remarked on how well the school was improving.

Sir Oliver Heald MP supports new suicide prevention campaign

MP for North East Hertfordshire, Sir Oliver Heald, is a long-term supporter of improved mental health provision, and is supporting a new Hertfordshire-based suicide prevention campaign, Spot the Signs and Save a Life.

Sir Oliver Heald MP pledges support for new UK Scout groups

The Better Prepared project aims to establish Scout groups in new locations around the country, where young people have previously been unable to benefit from ScoutingSir Oliver Heald, MP for North East Hertfordshire, has pledged his support for a landmark project that aims to help local communities to set up new Scout groups in 200 wards around the country that have previously been unable to benefit from Scouting.

Sir Oliver Heald MP: Beware of copycat websites

Sir Oliver Heald MP for North East Hertfordshire is encouraging his constituents to be wary of misleading websites which pertain to be official government websites but actually are third party sites claiming affiliation with the Government and charge a fee for their services or are phishing sites that fraudulently dupe innocent people out of their personal details and money.