Coronavirus: Thanks from MP and call to follow the distancing rules

I would like to thank all constituents for all they are doing to help the elderly and vulnerable through this difficult period with COVID-19.  The number of volunteers has been wonderful and the Hertfordshire County Council Resilience Forum is co-ordinating well.  We are all thinking of family and those we love at this difficult time.  I would also like to thank our NHS and caring services and those in the public sector who are doing so much at personal sacrifice. We are grateful to them all and to supermarket and stores’ staff, doing so much in the current crisis.

The most important thing at present is for all of us to follow government guidance and particularly the distancing rules, so that we keep more than 2m apart.  Many people are following this but we do need everyone to comply.  It is not that hard, but I do hear from constituents that some people are not yet doing it.  The government may have to take tougher measures still if all of us cannot follow the rules.

I wish all constituents well and to keep safe over the coming weeks.