Fuel duty cancelled for North East Hertfordshire as new car registrations soar

On Tuesday, the cancellation of Labour’s fuel duty rise was put into law. This follows George Osborne’s announcement last week that the Government would cancel the rise that was planned for January 2013. This keeps fuel 10p cheaper than it would have been under Labour and saves the typical motorist £40 per annum.

New car registrations released the day after the Autumn Statement showed that there are 11 per cent more motorists who will benefit from this cancellation compared to November last year. 

Commenting, Oliver Heald said, “People who live and work in North East Hertfordshire will be thrilled that the Chancellor has cancelled Labour’s rise in fuel duty.

“There are 3.6 million motorists in the East of England who will benefit – and the cancellation is well timed, with more and more people buying cars in the UK. Many of my constituents contacted me about fuel duty. I immediately got in touch with the Chancellor to explain their concerns and I am pleased that he was able to help hard-working families in my Constituency.

“Coupled with the income tax cut, this is a fantastic boost for households working hard to make ends meet”.



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Notes to Editors 

·         Labour’s fuel duty increase cancelled. On the 11 December 2012 a statutory instrument was moved to cancel the fuel duty increase that Labour planned for 1 January 2013, as announced by the Chancellor in the Autumn Statement. The increase planned for April will be deferred until 1 September 2013. This will save the typical motorist £40 per year and ensure fuel remains 10 pence per litre cheaper than under the previous Labour’s escalator (Statutory Instruments, 2012 No.3055 – The Excise Duties (Surcharges or Rebates) (Hydrocarbon Oil etc.) Order 2012, 11 December 2012,  HM Treasury, Autumn Statement 2012, 5 December 2012).

·         New car registrations soaring. The number of new car registrations in the UK have risen by 11.3 per cent since November 2011. There were 149,191 registrations in November 2012, up 15,164 on November 2011 when there were 134,027 (SMMT, New Car Registrations, 6 December 2012).

·         Labour raised the rate of fuel duty 12 times while in office. When Labour came to power in 1997 fuel duty on unleaded petrol stood at 36.86p per litre. When they left office in 2010 it had risen to 57.19p per litre, an increase of more than 20p (HMRC, Hydrocarbon oils: historic duty rates).

·         Labour planned for six further fuel duty rises after the election. Labour’s March 2010 Budget, delivered by Alistair Darling set out seven further rises, one in April 2010, with six planned for after the General Election (HM Treasury, Budget, March 2010, p. 8).