Good news from the Safer A507 Campaign

Good news this week from the Safer A507 Campaign with Herts County Council signalling a budget allocation of £120,000 to implement the plan for the A507 to be weight restricted. This is off the back of the lorry collision near Cottered early last year and the ensuing chaos which constituents around Buntingford will remember well. Campaign member John Harwood-Bee says there is ‘a distinct possibility’ the plan will be put into operation in 2019/20.  Two suggestions are on the table for when the matter comes before committee on 12 February:

  • The whole road, Radwell Services to the A10; or
  • Twin stretches.  The maps are rather too small to be helpful, but the Cottered stretch starts at Throcking Road and finishes either at the junction between the A507 and the B1037, or at Church Lane on the A507.  And the Baldock stretch is from just this side of Radwell Services down to Whitehorse Street traffic lights.   There’s no illustration of a limit on the B1039 from the A10 into Buntingford.

Commenting, Sir Oliver said: ‘I am pleased that this important campaign is making progress. The dangers on the road have been well-highlighted and there simply is no place here for large lorries. I pay tribute to the campaign group and all supporters.’