Ivel Springs

I have been approached by constituents in Baldock and Radwell about the lack of water in Ivel Springs. This is an issue that I have been taking up with the Environment Agency and Affinity Water for some months.  I have also raised this is the House of Commons in a recent debate.  I am pressing for works to be undertaken to bring water back to the springs and understand that Affinity Water have now designed a scheme.  I am continuing to push for the works to be done, as is County Councillor Michael Muir.

The photo shows Michael Muir and Oliver Heald at Ivel Springs, standing on the dry riverbed.

Commenting Oliver said “ I have a long-standing campaign to maintain and improve river quality across our 8 chalk streams locally. I have been very concerned about reports of low water levels particularly at Ivel Springs and it is good to know that Affinity Water have a scheme to get the water flowing.  I hope the works can be done as soon as possible.”

County Councillor Michael Muir said “I can remember coming down to this spot 10 years ago and the water was three feet deep.  I am shocked at how dry it is now.”