Minister Passes the Buck for A1 Widening to Region

North East Herts MP Oliver Heald has received a response to his request to the Department for Transport for widening of the A1(M) between Welwyn Garden City and Stevenage.

In response, Transport Minister Tom Harris MP says that work on the A1(M) should be considered by Region, alongside other regional schemes and that it is not a matter for him.

Commenting, Oliver Heald said, “This is a national road, a trunk road of importance and it is ridiculous that the Minister is promoting massive housing growth without doing anything to widen the road. Now the Government is passing the buck to the Region. We all know that the Region is underfunded for infrastructure by Government. This is a real buck-passing exercise and a disgrace. 

“I will continue to press for widening of the A1(M) between Junctions 6 and 8.”