MP Receives Assurance About School Merger

North East Herts MP Oliver Heald received a briefing from the Royston Schools Academy Trust on its plans to merge the schools. Also present were County Councillors Fiona Hill and Steve Jarvis. The Trust’s Chairman, Carol Boston, gave a presentation and Headteacher, Laura Rawlings, helped to answer questions. The Trust will be announcing its full plans on or after 20 October.

Sir Oliver asked for assurances that students would not find their courses disrupted and that sixth formers would be able to complete their current courses. He was told that these assurances could be given and that the aim was to produce a school with an excellent rating, building on the successes of the three existing schools which are all rated good with aspects of excellence.

Commenting, Sir Oliver Heald said “Many parents have contacted me concerned that their children’s education should not be disrupted and particularly that the merger would not lead to sixth formers having to change their courses. It was made clear that they were not intending to disrupt education for the children and that all sixth formers would be able to complete their existing courses. I will continue to press the case for parents and look forward to hearing the full details on or after 20 October.”