MP Speaks Out at Windfarm Inquiry

North East Herts MP Oliver Heald was the first witness on the second day of the Inquiry into a wind turbine proposed for Benington, near Watton-at-Stone and Stevenage.


Oliver had already submitted written evidence and speaking at the Inquiry, he highlighted the damaging effects of the proposal for the Green Belt and for the visual amenity of the landscape around Watton-at-Stone and the Valley of the River Beane.


Oliver pointed out that Hertfordshire is a densely populated County which is very successful economically and that areas such as the Beane Valley are particularly precious, because they are part of the least spoilt landscape and countryside in the County.  He also pointed out that other towns’ residents use the area for leisure, with a large network of footpaths, cycling, and many horse riders.


Oliver said that to put a major industrial structure in an area like this was wrong and that ironically it would not even provide much electricity.  The mood at Westminster is changing in favour of letting communities have more say, particularly when there is a good pipeline of diverse renewable energy resources.


Oliver also made reference to the key role of Cllr Nigel Poulton in highlighting these concerns over the past years.


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Wednesday 14 November 2012