MP Supports B & Q "One Planet Living" Awards 2008

North East Hertfordshire MP Oliver Heald is calling on environmental groups, community organisations, schools, charities and sports clubs in his Constituency to apply for awards of between £ 1,000 and £10,000 worth of B & Q products. This year B & Q is offering two additional awards of £ 5,000 (combined cash/products) to schools which submit innovative science-based proposals, showing a real understanding about the environment and the importance of tackling climate change. 

Award winners will need to be able to demonstrate how their project supports one or more of the following “One Planet Living” principles: environment/energy saving, natural habitats/wildlife and local culture/heritage. The closing date for applications is Friday 28 March and application forms are available online at

Commenting, Oliver Heald said, “I am pleased to publicise the B & Q Awards throughout my Constituency as I know that there are many groups doing fantastic work, which could certainly benefit from the support being offered by B & Q. I hope that people will come forward and apply for the Awards.”