MP Welcomes Continuing Fall in Unemployment in North East Herts

North East Herts MP Oliver Heald has welcomed the unemployment figures for October 2012, published today by the Office for National Statistics (


These show that the number of unemployed claimants in North East Hertfordshire has continued to fall and in October 2012 was 1,340.  This represents a rate of 2.8% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64, which represents the 517th highest of the 650 UK constituencies, (with the 1st having the highest rate of unemployment and the 650th having the lowest rate of unemployment).


This number is 14 lower than in September 2012.


Commenting, Oliver Heald said, “I was pleased to read the unemployment statistics for my Constituency, which were published today.  These confirm a continuing fall and this is welcome news for North East Hertfordshire.”


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Wednesday 14 November 2012