Sir Oliver Heald MP supports Women2Win

Sir Oliver Heald MP attended Wednesday’s Women2Win campaign event in the Houses of Parliament, hosted by Emma Barr, a member of an MP’s staff. Women2Win is formed from a cross-section of both men and women in the Conservative Party, with the aim of promoting a more gender-balanced Party, and, as a result, a more gender-balanced House of Commons. With the support of the Prime Minister, and many other senior figures in the Party, it provides support, advice, and training to women who wish to enter Parliament or get more involved in politics generally.

Commenting, Sir Oliver said, ‘I am very happy to support this campaign. If the Conservative Party is to keep pace with modern Britain, we need to ensure that more and more of the brightest and best women in the Party are selected as candidates in winnable seats. Parliament needs to be more representative of the people it serves. Although, at the 2010 election, we went from 17 to 49 women MPs, more still needs to be done, for the good of Parliament and the country as a whole.’