Sir Oliver Heald MP welcomes public support for ‘English Votes for English Laws’

MP for North-East Hertfordshire, Sir Oliver Heald, has welcomed the news that, according to Saga, research amongst more than 10,000 over-50s showed that 76% of the respondents supported the view that Welsh, Northern Irish, and Scottish MPs should be excluded from voting in Westminster on matters affecting England where those matters have been devolved to their respective parliaments and assemblies. This view was held by 64% of the respondents from Scotland, and 65% of those from Wales.

Commenting, Sir Oliver said, “I applaud the wisdom of older voters who demand ‘English Votes for English Laws’. Labour talk about England as if it is a clutch of regions, but – just like Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – it is a nation, and deserves jurisdiction over its own domestic affairs.”