Sir Oliver takes up concerns regarding Tesco Express in Royston

North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald has had a meeting at Tesco Express store in Royston with Tesco Regional Director, Colin Hamilton, following concerns about storage cages being left on the pavement.  Mr Hamilton explained that procedures have now been tightened up and every member of staff has received training to ensure that delivery cages are only brought out of the store when the delivery lorry arrives.  Transfers from the lorry to the cages will be done as quickly as possible and there will be a member of staff monitoring the use of the pavement by pedestrians.

Colin Hamilton said “We take the safety of our customers and colleagues very seriously and it remains our number one priority. We have reviewed all the delivery procedures in our store to ensure we don’t create any congestion on the pedestrian pavements and we have retrained all our colleagues.”

Commenting, Sir Oliver said “I am grateful to Mr Hamilton for taking seriously the concerns raised with me about delivery cages blocking the pavement to the rear of the Express store.  I was re-assured that the procedures are now in place to prevent this happening again and any future concerns will be dealt with swiftly if reported to the store duty manager.”