Sir Oliver welcomes the news that councils will receive increase in funding

North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald has welcomed the news that the Government has announced an extra £1.3 billion increase in funding for councils across the country.  In our area the percentage increases are 2.2% for Hertfordshire County Council, 3.6% for East Hertfordshire and 1.8% for North Hertfordshire.

The provisional local government finance settlement, published today, gives councils a real-terms increase in core spending power for 2019 to 2020 – up from £45.1 billion to £46.4 billion. This brings the level of local government funding to more than £200 billion in the five years to 2020.

The £1.3 billion funding boost allows councils like ours to deliver the services residents need while protecting them from unfair hikes in their council tax bills.

This increase follows significant Government investment in local services announced at this year’s Budget. The Government is giving councils £650 million for social care next year - building on the £240 million announced to relieve winter pressures on the NHS, £420 million to tackle potholes and £84 million more for children’s social care.

The Government is supporting opportunity for every community across the country by increasing business rates retention to 75 per cent from 2020. This gives our local authorities even more incentive to grow the local economy so they keep more of the revenue raised locally to spend on local services for hard working people.

Commenting, Sir Oliver said: “I’m delighted the Government is delivering a settlement which paves the way for a fairer, more self-sufficient and resilient future for local government and a brighter future for the people and places they serve.  This settlement delivers a real-terms increase in spending for local authorities in 2019 to 2020 and gives them more control over the money they raise too, while protecting residents against excessive council tax rises.”