Sir Oliver's Written Parliamentary Question on A1(M) widening in Hertfordshire

Here is the Written Parliamentary Question that Sir Oliver asked the Transport Minister about the timetable for the widening of the A1(M) in Hertfordshire, and the reply he recieved.

Q: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, what the timetable is for the widening of the A1(M) in Hertfordshire.  

A: I cannot provide an exact start date for construction. However, as stated in Highways England Delivery Plan 2015-2020, construction of the A1(M) Junction 6-8 smart motorway scheme in Hertfordshire is planned to start construction in late 2019/20, and complete approximately 12 months later.

The next step is the detailed design and planning of the scheme, plus consultation with the local community to produce the best possible scheme. That work will be taken forward by Highways England and is expected to start shortly.