Ivel Springs

I have been approached by constituents in Baldock and Radwell about the lack of water in Ivel Springs. This is an issue that I have been taking up with the Environment Agency and Affinity Water for some months.  I have also raised this is the House of Commons in a recent debate.

MP's comment on Thomas Cook and closure of Letchworth store

North East Herts MP Oliver Heald was sad to see the collapse of Thomas Cook and the closure of the store in Letchworth.  It was clear that the group had difficulties with high levels of debt against a background of a changing market for holidays.

Sir Oliver attends unveiling of memorial at Westmill Church

Sir Oliver attended the unveiling of a memorial for Peter Mildren who fought in his Spitfire in the Battle of Britain and survived, only to be shot down over France in 1941 and killed.  He was the only resident of Westmill Parish to be killed in action in WWII, and no memorial in his honour was p

MP takes up concerns about pavement next to Morrison’s

NE Herts MP Oliver Heald has been contacted by elderly Royston residents concerned about ruts in the pavement between the bus stop and the Morrison’s store entrance. Those using walkers have been finding their wheels stuck in ruts, causing them concern about their balance.