Speeches in Parliament

Question to Enviroment Secetary on Finn's Law

This morning, Sir Oliver Heald MP asked the Secretary of State for the Environment a question regarding Finn's Law and an update on increasing the sentencing of those that attack police dogs and other service animals.

The link to that question is below:

Sir Oliver Heald MP supports Government measures to deport foreign criminals

MP for North East Hertfordshire, Sir Oliver Heald, paid tribute to the work of Operation Nexus in the House of Commons. The Operation aims to maximise intelligence, information, and world-wide links to improve how the UK deals with and responds to foreign nationals breaking the law.

Sir Oliver Heald MP holds House of Commons debate on Hertfordshire's roads

Sir Oliver Heald, MP for Nort-East Hertfordshire, held an adjournment debate in the House of Commons this afternoon on the issues of Hertfordshire's roads. Ajournment debates happen at the end of a day’s sitting, and they last for about half-an-hour. They present an opportunity for MPs to express their opinions on matters of local importance, and they always end with a reply from a Government Minister.

Read his speech here.