Urgent Question to the Chancellor on the EU budget surcharge

On Monday, Sir Oliver Heald MP asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer a question about the previous Government's policy on Britain's EU Rebate, and how their changes have affected the UK's contributions to the EU. The text is below:

Sir Oliver Heald (North East Hertfordshire) (Con): Does my right hon. Friend agree that it is worrying that the shadow Chancellor forgot to mention the rebate before today? Has my right hon. Friend had a chance to make a detailed calculation of exactly how much less Britain would have to pay had Labour not given away the rebate in the first place?

Mr Osborne: Of course, giving away the rebate cost Britain billions a year. My hon. and learned Friend is right to draw attention to the pattern of forgetfulness on the Opposition Front Bench. They forget about the deficit and about immigration, and now they forget about the rebate. It reminds everyone why the British public are quite clear that they are unfit for government.
[Hansard, Column 1191]

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