MP Takes Up Concerns Over Clothall Common Buses

North East Herts MP Oliver Heald recently met campaigner Mrs Joan Garrett of Clothall Common, Baldock, to discuss changes to the timetable for the buses from and to Clothall Common. She also presented Oliver with a petition containing over two hundred signatures. 

Also present at the meeting were Cllr Michael Weeks and Cllr Marilyn Kirkland.

The general point was made to Oliver that the cuts to the service – caused by the Government financial settlement for local Government – mean that there will be buses every two to three hours instead of one per hour. Mrs Garrett points out that this means a walk of fifteen to twenty five minutes to get other buses in Baldock town centre. 

As well as the general point, Mrs Garrett pointed out that the 391 service arrives back in Baldock town centre at 13.40 hours and yet the connection to Clothall Common departs at 13.24. She asks that there should be a proper connection for this important service. The 391 is the main service to the Lister Hospital. 

Mrs Garrett also points out the very long gap between the 10.05 bus from Clothall Common to Baldock and Letchworth Garden City and the 12.45 service from Clothall Common, a gap of two hours forty minutes. This is apparently inconvenient for further connections from Letchworth to Hitchin.

Commenting, Oliver Heald said, “It was good to be able to meet Mrs Garrett and to receive the petition. I have immediately taken up the points she makes with the bus company and the County Council. As well as the general point about fewer services, I thought she made two very good points about the detail and I will certainly see if anything can be done to assist.”