MP Takes Up Road Safety Concerns in Watton-at-Stone

North East Herts MP Sir Oliver Heald visited Station Road, Watton-at-Stone with County Council Highways officials led by Mr Burt, County Councillor Ken Crofton and Parish Council members including Chairman Mike Smith, Road Safety Watch Parish Councillor Michael Freeman and the Police were represented by Sergeant Duncan Wallace.

The Parish Council had had a meeting previously with Sir Oliver raising their concerns that the part of Station Road near to the station itself had insufficient room for cars to pass one another in the area where parking is allowed, that people are parking too close to the junction with side roads and that there was insufficient signage.  Sir Oliver therefore arranged the meeting with senior Highways officials to look at the problem and they have promised to complete a survey by June with recommendations on how to improve the situation.

Commenting, Sir Oliver said “I was able to see the problems that the Parish Council have identified with insufficient room for cars to pass each other, poor parking and insufficient signage and I welcome the survey.  I hope that some action can be taken.”